Logistical Compliance


13+ Years in business

Focused on Compliance

Logistical Compliance (LCI) Safety has been in business for almost 15 years, starting in 2010. We specialize in services for the trucking industry. Our principal focus is in compliance. We are determined to keep the trucking industry in compliance to help with your bottom line. Whether it is newly established companies or companies that have been in business for years, we have established a program that is easy to follow. Even so, we do all the work for you! Our system was developed alongside experienced people that have been in a safety position for years. We become your Safety Department ensuring that the business from the top to bottom is in compliance.

Our Team

Our dedicated team and exceptional customer service has allowed us
to establish ourselves as a trusted name in this industry. 

Melissa W.

Drug & Alcohol Program Supervisor

Melissa supervises the drug and alcohol department. She oversees Clearinghouse, random programming, DOT drug testing, bills for drug testing, and SAP (substance abuse program).

Patty Z.

Certified Safety Supervisor

Patty supervises the safety department. This includes but is not limited to: DQ dash, truck dash, monthly maintenance, plate orders, permits, corporations, titles, remitter services, and first time applications for IRP plates and IFTA.

Madalyn U.

Operations & Project Manager

At the front desk you’ll meet Madalyn where you’ll check in. She manages all the projects, including operations projects.

Carina T.

DOT Certified Safety Director

Carina oversees all departments and concentrates on auditing.

Joe T.

Chief Operations Manager

Joe does all the background operations. All accounting, IRP, UIIA, ICC, and Corporation applications, starting a new DOT and MC number, and anything to do with regulatory permitting, is done by Joe.

Alena C.

Billing and Reports Assistant

Alena is who you’ll meet at checkout. She does the billing of clients and customers. She also works on paper logs, safety scores, roadsides, and obtaining reports.

Aidan A.

Office Assistant

Aiden assists in all departments while his main focus is on driving logs.